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We work with Businesses, Multilaterals, Governments, Civil Society Organisations and Communities to create Positive Social Change and Sustainable Development.

Community Wisdom Partners is a partnership of international social performance consultants based in Barcelona with experience in delivering community and business assignments in emerging markets around the world. We believe societal and business development depends on the ability to draw strength from the resources and knowledge of local communities.

At Community Wisdom we believe that sustainable development occurs when all stakeholders prosper. As society is intricately interconnected, we strive to provide a place at the table for all stakeholders. We harness community wisdom whilst executing our work, whether our client is a business partner, an NGO, a community organisation or a governmental institution.

Who We Are

Our Services

Our services aim to create a level playing field between all relevant stakeholders leading to sustainable development that fosters the public and the private sector.

What We Do
Community Development


To ensure communities are equipped to fully engage in development opportunities, Community Wisdom Partners advices non-for profits, NGOs, governments, companies and civil society on building community capacity.

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Business Building


Community Wisdom Partners provides advice to corporations on their social components, ensuring their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy has a societal approach.

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Our social analyses, stakeholder research and impact assessments results in evidence-based learning, informed planning and effective communication for corporate, community and social investments.

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