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Managing Non-Technical Risks - MNTR

For the oil and gas industry staff CWP partners with Petroskills.
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In 2020, the following training weeks are planned for:

Houston: 9th to 12th of March, 2020.

Dubai: 7th to 10th of June, 2020.

London: 20th to 23rd of July, 2020.

Kuala Lumpar: 28th Sept to 1st of Oct, 2020.

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You will learn:

  • About important trends in the relationship between business and society
  • To make the business case for active management of non-technical risks
  • Essential concepts of stakeholder engagement, including dealing with activist stakeholders
  • How to set up the internal structure and collaboration model to respond effectively to the external world
  • How to apply the tools to identify, assess, quantify, and mitigate non-technical risks
  • How to integrate non-technical risks into business decision-making processes

Course Content:

  • Trends in western and non-western societies affecting oil and gas companies
  • The business impact of non-technical risks: the case for action
  • An overview of modern stakeholder engagement models
  • Methods to deal with NGO's, activist investors, and communities
  • Insight in the power and limitations of multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Internal organizational and cultural complexities and challenges, and practical solutions
  • Essential international standards as required by international lenders and institutions
  • Application of the project risk management framework and its tools to non-technical risks
  • Quantification of non-technical risks to drive focus and action
  • Linking up with the business decision-making process
  • Dealing with internal resistance to change by learning from the safety journey
  • Participants will leave with a blueprint for implementation in their own company
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