What We Do

Consulting for
Business & Society

ESG: Environment, Social and Governance. We explore the 'S', the social potential of business and development interventions.

Investors are on the look-out for business opportunities in developing markets. Governments, civil society and local communities strive for development. We help make it happen.

Social Performance & CSR

Community Wisdom Partners assists companies to improve their social performance, comply with recognised international norms and progress towards sustainable relationships with relevant external stakeholders. This helps companies manage risks and grasp opportunities in developing markets.

In increasingly complicated contexts, CWP brings clear analysis to the individual components of effective social performance such as community consultation, stakeholder engagement, social investment, corporate foundations, grievance mechanisms, resettlement and social management plans. The goal is to achieve constructive relationships, based on fairness and equity, that underpin the social license to operate.

Social Research

To ensure communities are equipped to participate in development, Community Wisdom Partners advices non-for profits, NGOs, civil society, governments and companies on building community capacity. Creating a level playing field between companies and communities results in cooperation and partnerships that include all relevant stakeholders and leads to a sustainable society. We contribute towards the social potential of pro-poor development interventions.

CWP has the required social and academic skills to provide clients insight into social and community impact delivering baseline and endline reports, beneficiary monitoring frameworks, case studies and special studies. All social research concerns customised on-request studies and reports.

Community Development

Community Development

Community Wisdom Partners supports the design, management and delivery of community level outcomes associated to multilateral, non-governmental and public sector programmes and projects. CWP helps understand communities┬┤ competing needs, their strengths, how to strengthen their capacity to take advantage of development opportunities, while addressing vulnerabilities and minimising risks.

We understand the highly heterogeneous nature of communities; internal and external power structures and stressors as well as persistent gender and intra-generational inequalities and inequities. In sum, we offer the support needed for interventions in the area of pro-poor interventions to achieve their goals in the complex and oftentimes highly challenging contexts in which community life unfolds.

Community Wisdom Partners offers a broad range of social services, including:

  • Social analysis & impact assessments
  • Stakeholder mapping, analysis & development of engagement plans
  • Social & community investment planning & design
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Baselines, monitoring & evaluation
  • Performance reviews & evaluations
  • Development & implementation of capacity building plans
  • Training & coaching, teaching & speaking assignments
  • Strategy & policy advice
  • Drafting discussion papers
  • Case studies & technical briefs

We are active in the following areas:

  • Healthcare, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Gender, Water & Sanitation, Livelihoods, Governance.
  • Mining, Oil & Gas.
  • Agriculture, Food & Beverage.

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